Maple Bowl -Carapace- with Carving, Pyrography and Color 23-09


“Carapace” is made of soft maple, but from there it’s unlike anything else. After turning I used it as a canvas for the carving, pyrography and multiple layers of colors you see here. My direction was to emulate the carapace of a beetle, with their iridescent and radiant colors. The photos really don’t show it in its true brilliance. I really had a hard time getting decent photos of this. That said, you get the overall impression of it and that will have to do. You’re looking at several hours of work over several days to get the final effect you see here. I’m really going to miss this once it’s gone.

Carapace measures 5 inches diameter by 2 3/8 inches tall. There is no finish on it other than the paints. Keep it in a display cabinet and simply dust it off occasionally with a light brush. I use an old shaving cream brush.

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