Replacement or Additional 1/8 Inch Square Cutting Bit for Woodturning Tools - Cabalt HSS


If you have one of my woodturning tools or a similar tool that uses replaceable square body cutting bits you might like to get one of these as a spare or for special projects that require a unique end shape. This one is a 1/8 inch square cutting bit that is 2 ½ inches long. I sharpen both ends so that you can flip it end-for-end once before sharpening it. They are 5% cobalt high-speed steel bits and will hold an edge for a long time.

You can ask for one end with a “V” style point and one end with a round nose, or some combination of that. I’ll also supply it unground if you’d prefer. If you don’t ask for anything special I supply it with a round nose on both ends. Remember, I sharpen these using the same sharpening block I offer here on Etsy.

Check out my other items for additional hardware kits and also completed tools. You can view my videos on YouTube by searching for me under the name SegmentedTurner.

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