Sharpening Block for Replaceable Bit Woodturning Tools - Double Ended


If you have one of my woodturning tools or a similar tool that uses replaceable cutting bits you might like to consider getting one of these sharpening blocks. They make holding the bit while sharpening much easier and safer. It will hold bits from 1/8" square through 1/4" square. It will also hold the half-round bits from Sorby and other tool makers. With this you can use your standard bench grinder to restore the edge or to regrind the bit to any shape you want. This will keep your fingers safe and also keep the bit steady while you're sharpening it.

You get the sharpening block and thumb screw. The bits seen in some of the photos are not included and are only shown to demonstrate how this works. It is made of black-oxide coated steel and measures 1" by 2 1/2" and is 5/8" thick.

A couple of the photos show the block holding the Sorby hollowing cutter to demonstrate the versatility of this sharpening block for sharpening other cutter bits. This block will hold both the standard size 1/4” square cutter and the 1/8” square cutter. It may well hold cutting bits for other hollowing and turning tools too.

Check out my other items for additional hardware kits and also completed tools. Follow this link to see my YouTube videos:
I have a video there showing how this sharpening block is used. I also have several other videos on woodturning.

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