Pencil, Tool and Brush Holder – PH20 –Electronic Components with Cherry – 03-18 – Steampunk, Techno


This holder is made of integrated circuit chips and other electronic components and wood. It measures about 5 inches around at the base and is just under 5 inches tall. The opening for your pencils and markers is about 3 ¼ inches. The wall of the holder includes a ring made of integrated circuit chips and other components that are soldered together at the pins that are used to mount them into circuit boards or sockets. I’ve taken several photos so that you can see the details more clearly. The base and top ring are made of Cherry. I also put a piece of thin drafting table cover at the bottom to protect the tips of your pens and pencils. That’s that green patch you can see in the photos. The pencils you see in a couple of the photos are not included and are only shown to illustrate its use.

I’ve done my best with the photos. If you would like another one from a different angle please let me know. You can also see a larger version of any image using ZOOM at the lower right corner of any photo.

This will make a striking statement on any desk or work area, especially the desk of anyone in the technology or engineering field. Every one of these will be different and as I build more I will be experimenting with various chips and assembly designs. Feel free to make a request if you have a special interest in a particular type of chip or size.

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