Craft Oddity – Ultra-Tiny Fully Functional Air Cylinders


I’m not kidding. These cylinders are extremely tiny and yet fully functional. They are operated by applying air pressure to the fitting on the end. They have about a ¼ inch stroke and spring return. There are two nuts on the shaft. There is also a mounting nut on the body that allows attaching through a hole in a piece of sheet metal for instance. They are all brand new in their original packages.

So, how small are we talking? Overall length is just over 1 ½ inches. Outer diameter is .195 inches, or just under ¼ inch. Each weighs .2 ounces. I’m thinking jewelry possibilities or something like that. Let your imagination wander. I’m sure you’ll think of some unique use for these tiny little things.

Your purchase includes 6 new cylinders in their package and First Class Mail shipping. I only ship to United States addresses.

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