Solid and Segmented Wood Turned Bowl – “95-9” – Unusual Design for Creative Uses


This bowl, if you wish to call it that, measures 5” in diameter and 4 ¼” tall. It represents an early piece of my work that I’ve decided to send off to a new home. I made this piece in 1995. It is solid in the lower half and segmented in the upper half. The design is certainly not of a conventional shape, but it could work well as a candy dish or something. It was made as a piece of art and to demonstrate combinations of shape and form. It is certainly quirky enough to start a conversation or two.

It is made of maple, oak, mahogany and black walnut with some Kingwood added as a ring at the top.

The bowl has a nice gloss finish. One of the photos shows a ruler in the view to help you better judge the scale of this piece.

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