Multi-Layered Segmented Wood Turned Bowl – “97-2” – Mahogany, Maple, Lacewood and Veneers


This bowl measures 5 ¼” in diameter and 4 ¼” tall. It represents an early piece of my work that I’ve decided to send off to a new home. I made this piece in 1997. It is segmented and layered to result in many different contrasts and geometries as you can see in the photos. Making a bowl like this takes time to conceive and assemble before it ever gets to the lathe. The maple pieces are from one piece of spalted maple, which is maple that has been infested with fungal growth as indicated by the black lines in it. Don’t worry, the fungus has long since died off and the wood is sealed with the finish. The thin lines are from veneer that has been inserted when the piece was being glued. There is no paint in this piece. Everything you see is wood.

It is made of black locust with flamewood as the foot. It is a nice simple shape, with very strong grain structure on the black locust. As you can see, the black locust has cross-grain cracking at the bottom. That occurred early since the wood was not yet completely cured. It is stable now and will stay as you see it. I think it adds interesting detail myself. You can decide yourself if you want to invite this into your home.

The bowl has a nice semi-gloss finish. One of the photos shows a ruler in the view to help you better judge the scale of this piece.

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