Black Locust and Flamewood Wood Turned Bowl – “Black Flame” – Interesting Contrast in a Small Accent Piece


This bowl measures only 5” in diameter and 2” tall, but it packs a lot of character in that space. It is made of black locust with flamewood as the foot. It is a nice simple shape, with very strong grain structure on the black locust. As you can see, the black locust has cross-grain cracking at the bottom. That occurred early since the wood was not yet completely cured. It is stable now and will stay as you see it. I think it adds interesting detail myself. You can decide yourself if you want to invite this into your home.

The bowl has a nice semi-gloss finish on it to minimize shine and allow the wood to show the grain and natural mineral staining. I show it in one of the photos with one of my business cards to better let you judge the scale of this piece.

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