Matched Set of Woodturning Tools with Display Board 21-16


This is a matched set of my woodturning tools on a custom made display and storage board ready to hang on a wall. They are fully functional as all the tools I make, but these are extra special in that the handles were cut from the same laminated blank to assure a perfect match. The display board is made from a locally harvested piece of birch cut from the “Y” of a log. The resulting grain is beyond description. Check the photos and don’t forget to use the “zoom” function Etsy provides to give you a larger image to view.

You’re getting both the standard and micro versions of the tools I make. You can find details on both size tools on other ads I have here on Etsy. The bodies are made of chrome-moly steel with a black oxide finish. For contrast I used stainless steel set screws to secure the bits in the body. The laminations in the handles are identical since they were cut from the same laminated blank. The sharpening block used to restore the edge on the bit using your bench grinder also stores on the board and held in place with magnets. The tools themselves are also held in place with magnets. The pocket that holds the butt of the tool on the board has a vinyl insert to prevent scuffing. There are two keyhole slots on the back so that you can mount it on a wall so that the tools are always handy and easy to find.

I’ve made several matched sets of my tools before but never one so beautiful. I’ve tried to show this in the photos but nothing compares to seeing this in person. I really like the way this turned out.

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