Black Walnut plate with piercing and color - “Restart” - floating ring design


“Restart” is one of the first bowls I’ve made since my father passed away and represents a restart of sorts of my life. This one is from a beautiful piece of black walnut that still has sections of the bark included in the design. This must have been cut in the Fall since the bark is firmly attached. After turning the plate form I decided to turn a thin section which I painted a mild contrasting gray shade to provide a backdrop for the next step of piercing. I gave it an organic segmented form like you find in plants, but not so formal to seem artificial. The final effect is that the outer ring is suspended by the seemingly insubstantial web between. This will look beautiful on a display stand or against a neutral background.

The plate measures about 9 ¾ inches around and about 1 ½ inches tall.

The outside has a matte Tung oil finish.

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