Solid Cherry Wood Bowl – “No Pits” – Wonderful Color in a Simple Form


Only 1 available

The name of “No Pits” simply comes from it being made of cherry. Although there are indeed no pits in the piece, it does have a very nice knot in it. The figure around that knot is amazing, with highly detailed swirls of grain all around it. The knot has been stabilized with a clear compound and it will not move or fall out. You can even see some light through the cracks in the knot if you hold it up to a light.

This is a nice shallow bowl measuring about 9 ½ inches around by 2 3/8 inches tall.

It has a gloss Tung oil finish. Simply treat it as you would a piece of fine furniture. You can keep it clean with a dust cloth and you can apply any furniture wax or polish if you wish.

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