Custom Woodturning Shaping and Hollowing Tool – Zapote 05-15

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This tool is made with the same hardware I also sell. The handle is made of solid Zapote ( Just cut and paste the link into your browser to find out about the wood. This tool body has a black oxide finish. The cutting bit is made of cobalt HSS steel and is ¼ inch square.

I've tried to show several views of the handle so that you can see the design and detail. This is my standard sized tool intended for hollowing and general shaping. This handle also uses my new design with a custom made brushed stainless steel ferrule. This really finishes off the design and adds another level of strength.

The overall tool length is about 22 inches. The chrome-moly steel body is ½ inch hex and extends 9 inches from the handle. The grip area of the handle has a curve similar to Sorby tools.

The bit is ¼ inch square and 2 1/4 inches long and sharpened to a round nose on both ends. It is made of 5% cobalt high-speed tool steel. Considering that these bits are made to cut metal they’ll hold an edge for a long time turning any kind of wood. You can sharpen it many times so you'll have plenty of time before you have to replace it. It also will store completely into the tool body so that the cutting edge is protected and everything else (like a car seat for instance) is protected from it. The Allen wrench you use to adjust and replace the bit is included, and it stores in the end of the handle. A neodymium magnet holds the wrench in place. You can see this in one of the photos.

Follow this link to see my YouTube videos of this tool design in action:

Like my other tools and turnings, this is signed and numbered. Each item is recorded in my log book so I can always confirm that I made a particular item. Remember, you can click on Zoom in the images in the ad to see an even larger image of the tool.

You can also learn more about me and these tools on my web site:

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