Stainless Steel Ferrules for Tool Handles 1 inch diameter by 3/4 inch long


Everyone loves the look of a ferrule on the wooden handle of a tool. They add that finishing touch to a custom tool handle that not only looks great but also adds a level of strength and durability to the tool.

These ferrules are made of brushed stainless steel. They are 1 inch outside diameter with 1/16 inch thick walls, making the I.D. 7/8 of an inch. They can be pressed on or held with epoxy or instant glue. I machine a small chamfer on the inside edge to make it easier to start on the tang for a press fit.

I make these ¾ of an inch long, which is the common size. The fourth photo shows an example of one these ferrules on a tool handle.

As shown in the last photo I actually make these in my shop. After cutting to rough length from a long tube I clean up the saw marks and trim to length. After that I deburr the outside and inside edges on the lathe too. This produces a superior ferrule worthy of the handle you’re making. I can make custom lengths if you need them. Just send me a request.

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