Mahogany Bowl – Little Vistas - with Pyrography and Color


“Little Vistas” is made of segmented solid mahogany, with a rather conventional shape. After turning though I completely worked the inside to something like a stained-glass window. I made a free-form pattern with a web like form through which you see “little vistas” of shape and color. Every detail is put on by hand using a sharp pyrography tool. Then the color is added with a fine brush. As you can see, the shapes carry across the vistas. Yes, this takes many hours to complete.

Little Vistas measures 7 3/8 inches diameter and is about 3 ¼ inches tall. Keep it in a display cabinet and simply dust it off occasionally with a light brush. I use an old shaving cream brush to dust them off with. The photos are taken with a flash, but I’ve tried to keep the photo correct to the colors you’ll see while holding it. The brighter the light the more vibrant the colors will appear. It may seem a little darker than the photos show, but in any light it will be beautiful.

Like my other tools and turnings, this is signed and numbered. Each item is recorded in my log book so I can always confirm that I made a particular item. Remember, you can click on Zoom in the images in the ad to see an even larger image of the bowl.

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